Sherman Park is a neighborhood of vibrant residents, ready to create positive change. Together, we work to create safe and supported spaces, where businesses want to invest and young people have the tools to succeed. Honoring the hard work of those who laid the foundation for our progress, we envision a community that is dynamic, collaborative, and integral to the prosperity of the city of Milwaukee.

Led by the voices of Sherman Park’s residents, we guide decisions shaped by those who feel their impact most deeply. Drawing on the wisdom gained from recent challenges, we work together to generate fresh solutions that will continue to transform the community for the better. Block by block, we engage the knowledge and experience of everyone who calls this place home, helping all people create opportunities to reach their full potential.

Advisory Council

Farina Brooks, Resident

Camille Mays, Resident

Deonte Lewis, Boys and Girls Club

Nichole Gladney, Ascension St. Joe’s Campus

Jacarrie Carr, Business Owner

Wendy Hamilton, Resident

Timothy Scott, Resident/Business Owner

Jackie Smith, Resident

Marlon Pernell, County of Milwaukee

Our Community Contributors

Terrence Acquah
Alexis Brooks
Amari Bell
Angela Mallett
Annie Woodward
Ariam Kesete
Beatrice Baker
Becca Mader
Bishop Walter Harvey
Breanna Eisner
Bunny Booker
Camille Mays
Cheri Fuqua
Claudia Scholl
Danae Davis
Darlene Williams
Darlene C. Russell
Darnell Lark Jr.
David Muhammed
Deborah Ford-Lewis
Deonte Lewis
Diego Rivera
Dijon Thompson Lark

Dr. Howard Fuller
Elijah Sebastian
Elizabeth Banks
Ellen Gilligan
Emaje Calvin
Evan Reed
Evan Goyke
Fantasia Johnson
Farina Brooks
Feaesia Martin
Gabriel Taylor
Gayle Wray
Glenn Reinle
Hannah Robinson
Jacarri carr
Jackie Smith
Janel Hines
Jatara Paschall’glover
Jeannie Fenceroy
Jennifer Potts
Jennifer Potts
Jeremiah Thompson
Jermaine Alexander

Joyce L. Williams
Karen Stokes
Kay Koneazny
Keaira Linyard
Kent Mayfield
Kevin Hensen
Khalif Rainey
Laura Glawe
Laura Johnson
Lorna Dilley
Lular Hughes
Mabel Lamb
Marcus Smith
Marcus White
Marianne Robbins
Meriah Jackson
Montania Thompson
Nadiyah Johnson
Nicole Brookshire
Nicole Gladney
Pa Sponcia
Pat Ruttum
Rodney Bowman

Sarah Robinson
Shakela Scott
Shannon King
Sierra Starner-Heron
Syeeda Tatud-Hensen
Theresa Scott
Timothy Scott
Tina Payne
Tom Keppeler
Tremerell Robinson
Trena Bond
Vaun Mayes
Wendy Hamilton
William Coleman
Yinka Adedokvn
Joann Sabir
Stormie Walker
Ascension St. Joe’s Campus
Mary Ryan Boys and Girls Club
Parklawn Assembly of God
Reynold’s Pasty Shop